COVID-19 Lessons Learnt – part 1

What has the pandemic taught us? Can we run our businesses differently? What has been the impact on our fleet operations? Procurement and Vehicle Utilisation.

COVID-19 Lessons Learnt – part 2

Working Practices – home working. Is homeworking really an option? How will this impact on the provision of a company car?

COVID-19 Lessons Learnt – part 3

Is there a definition of the company culture? Has the pandemic changed it? Can it recover or is the change permanent?

COVID-19 Lessons Learnt – part 4

The future of company vehicles. No one has a crystal ball, but every business must have a plan – where do we start?

Road Safety Pays Dividends

Introduction to the workshop from Geoffrey Bray, Chairman of Fleet Service GB and workshop host.

Road Safety Pays Dividends Guide

Ian Housley, FIAG Chairman, introduces the Road Safety Pays Dividends guide and the reasons behind it.

Making it happen

Paul Ayris, Fleet Manager at LiveWest, explains how he implemented a driver management programme and the benefits it delivered.


Should I treat van and car drivers the same?


Do I need to update contracts of employment when implementing a driver management system?


How and what information relating to driver and fleet performance should I share with my drivers?


How do I apply the same polices to all my drivers as some may feel it doesn’t apply to them?


What are the real savings and how does the business and the drivers benefit?


I really want to implement a driver management system but unsure how to start. Where can I get help and support?

Next steps

Ian Housley, FIAG Chair, outlines the next steps to be taken are and how the guide and FIAG can support you.