Membership benefits

Being a member of FIAG opens up considerable opportunities to interact with like-minded individuals and organisations which share the common aim of achieving best practice in the management of drivers, vehicles and journeys.

The annual membership fee includes up to four industry white papers, plus access to workshops and user groups. Full details are available on our website Membership is available to individuals working in the fleet industry and offers a number of benefits that include:

Sharing best practice

Workshops, advisory and user groups, supported by white papers, will provide regular opportunities to learn from other organisations how fleet challenges have been identified and overcome.


Many smaller organisations will benefit from being able to access industry mentors who will provide professional specialist input as and when required. It is knowing who to talk to when problems occur that will make managing a fleet and dealing with a variety of challenges easier.

Unbiased advice

FIAG is a not-for-profit organisation with no vested commercial interest. This ensures that any advice, opinions or recommendations are considered responses to deal with the identified requirement. FIAG believes that it is unique in this aspect.

Overcoming internal politics

FIAG membership will provide a range of supporting documents and case studies to assist individuals who, from time to time, are required to carry out internal fleet presentations or discuss with senior management fleet requirements. In addition and, if required, other FIAG members can attend presentations to supplement the unbiased aspect of any FIAG document or case study used. This will add enhanced value to any internal debate.


FIAG membership will provide individuals/organisations with an opportunity to compare fleet policies and results. Benchmarking is a continual process and will assist the implementation of best practice fleet policies.

Case studies

From time to time FIAG members will be used as case studies for others to evaluate. These will be updated on a regular basis making sure that best practice and benchmarking analysis are factored into the fleet operating policy of the company featured in the case study.

Industry led discussions

Workshops and specialist user working groups will provide a platform for discussion and debate. Improved understanding of fleet issues discussed in an atmosphere of enhanced learning will support individuals in the implementation of a fleet policy that demonstrates continuous improvement.

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