Industry overview

The fleet industry continues to evolve and change and for those involved it is important that all aspects of running a fleet are properly understood and standards maintained. The goal for a professional fleet manager is to implement a sustainable performance programme in all areas of managing the driver, vehicle and journey.

The costs involved with running fleets are enormous. By improving efficiency and reducing incidents considerable savings can be achieved. Fleet managers need to have a good understanding of corporate social responsibility. They also need to be aware of the impact vehicles have on the environment and when things go wrong, company reputation. Understanding the intricacies of fleet is a discipline which, sadly, very few organisations properly understand.

The traditional fleet manager is now rare and with their passing, companies have lost the knowledge and skill necessary to deliver a cost effective fleet operation. There is a real need to reintroduce into the fleet management process skill, knowledge and understanding of others in the industry sector (a masterclass concept).

Change is never easy. But as we as a nation are now recovering, hopefully, from one of the worse recessions ever experienced, it is extremely important that best practice processes are implemented within fleet. This will protect investment, improve operational efficiency and safety and, importantly, demonstrate that management is competent and capable