Fleet Industry Advisory Group publishes white paper on “Perfect Purchasing” for fleets

The Fleet Industry Advisory Group (FIAG), which is dedicated to developing and sharing best practice among fleet decision-makers, has published its first white paper.

Called “Perfect Purchasing”, publication of the white paper coincided with FIAG holdings its launch workshop today (Wednesday, 21st May) focusing on fleet vehicle procurement and purchasing best practice entitled “Experience – Driving Change”.

Too often the purchasing process conducted via a tendering exercise can be totally inappropriate, ineffective and almost a charade, said Geoffrey Bray, FIAG chairman.

He continued: “However, when undertaken carefully and involving all key stakeholders in the tendering process it becomes the cornerstone of the subsequent contract that will define the long-term efficiency and effectiveness of the fleet operation.

“Indeed, partnering efficiently with a range of fleet suppliers is the secret to keeping operating costs in check, while continuing to drive through efficiencies that will make the business as a whole function more effectively.

“Therefore, making sure that the customer-supplier relationship that develops following a tender process works well throughout the duration of the contract is not just about getting right the words and numbers in the agreement.

“It is also about developing a strong working relationship and genuine rapport with each and every supplier necessary to achieve strategic corporate objectives.

“The key to a successful fleet purchasing process is to define what is required, commercially and functionally, from potential suppliers while ensuring that very best value for money is obtained.”

The white paper draws on the collective experience and knowledge of fleet managers, many of whom are FIAG’s founding members who collectively have around 200 years experience in running vehicle operations.

Mr Bray concluded: “The guide establishes clear tactics, with suggested “do’s and don’ts” that need to be applied when producing a fleet tender document where the objective is both clear and unambiguous with the aim of getting the best out of potential suppliers.”

The white paper called “Perfect Purchasing” is available as a free download to FIAG members. If you are thinking about joining please go to this page.