FIAG objectives & industry overview


The Fleet Industry Advisory Group (FIAG) is a not-for-profit organisation with an objective to develop and share best practice in all areas of managing drivers, vehicles and journeys:-

  • FIAG members will continually promote and support the adoption of professional fleet management for vehicles operating in the UK and overseas.
  • The considerable experience and knowledge of FIAG members is available to provide fleet advice, consultancy; mentoring and support. In addition, FIAG can also assist with benchmarking and analysis of industry developments.

Industry overview

The fleet industry continues to evolve and change and for those involved it is important that all aspects of running a fleet are properly understood and standards maintained. The goal for a professional fleet manager is to implement a sustainable performance programme in all areas of managing the driver, vehicle and journey.

The costs involved with running fleets are enormous. By improving efficiency and reducing incidents considerable savings can be achieved. Fleet managers need to have a good understanding of how fleets impact on corporate social responsibility which includes the environmental impact of the fleet, the wellbeing of the driver and the impact on company reputation when incidents occur. Understanding the intricacies of managing a fleet is a discipline which, for many organisations is no longer the responsibility of a dedicated fleet manager.

The traditional fleet manager is now rare and with their decline, companies no longer retain the in-house  knowledge and skills necessary to deliver a cost-effective and safe fleet operation. There is a real need to reintroduce into the fleet management process the skills, knowledge and understanding of others in the industry sector (a masterclass concept).

Change is never easy and the need for it not always recognised but as our country and the world begins the long process of recovering from one of the worse economic and social crises caused by COVID-19, it is extremely important that within fleets best practice processes are implemented without delay. This will protect investment, reduce costs, secure jobs, keep people safe and well and improve operational efficiency.

Ian Housley
FIAG Chairman

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