COVID-19 Lessons Learnt

What has the pandemic taught us and how has it impacted fleet operations?
As the country begins the gradual, but positive, return to some kind of normality, it is important lessons learnt from the pandemic, in particular how they have impacted fleet, are where appropriate, applied to current management thinking.

Videos – COVID-19 Lessons Learnt

Part 1

What has the pandemic taught us? Can we run our businesses differently? What has been the impact on our fleet operations?

Procurement and Vehicle Utilisation.

Part 2

Working Practices – home working.
Is homeworking really an option? How will this impact on the provision of a company car?

Part 3

Company Culture.
Is there a definition of the company culture? Has the pandemic changed it? Can it recover or is the change permanent?

Part 4

The Future for Company Vehicles.
No one has a crystal ball, but every business must have a plan – where do we start?